A powerful voice for cultural change in America, Yvonne Williams inspires audiences everywhere to rise to a higher level of thinking so we can live a higher level of life; that we are worth more than what mass media’s messaging says we are; and that we must start thinking for ourselves in order to come out from under the spell of our manufactured society of greed, materialism, and hyper-sexualization.

As long as I can remember I have been doodling and writing my thoughts in every written form imaginable. From the beautiful genre of poetry and song to the inspiration of storytelling to the visual of screenwriting, creative writing and expression has been a joy. On the real side of life, I’ve written newspaper stories by interviewing everything from rescuers of wolf dogs to boy scout leaders, and expressive writing via blog posts and on-line articles about current social issues and human trafficking.  I am thankful for the age of electronics that has opened a door for us to express in this genre. This site was created as a means to share some of my work with you and hope that some part of me blesses some part of you! So take time to browse the pages, especially the books page and if you see what you like, you can purchase them on amazon.com, kindle and other book sites. There’s still nothing like holding a book in your lap and turning the pages to become entrenched in another world. Thank you for visiting me here!

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  1. Your link was sent by a wonderful friend of mine name Norine. I am very interested in learning

    1. John, what would you like to know about? I’ll be happy to answer and send whatever information you are seeking. Blessings, Yvonne

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