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A Dance for Bethany


A Dance For Bethany is a feature- film, a romantic drama set in Asheville, NC against a backdrop of rapidly increasing social change when the country, the churches, and individuals are confronting a new decade of forces attempting to reshape the contours of American society.

A Dance For Bethany – The Movie on DVDTwo of the major forces are seen in an undercurrent of “an intensified search for meaning in life due, undoubtedly in part, to a rejection of materialism and to the shallowness of modern life”, and, “an intensified search for meaningful relationships” (both universal forces that are prevalent in each generation).

The message points to the comfortable and complacent, those stuck in the social structure of white washed perfection, yet beneath, struggle to escape and find real meaning and purpose.

The antidote for the main character: get outside of yourself and into the plight of others in order to find real freedom, but stay the journey at all cost. This becomes Abbey Fisher’s challenge after meeting young Bethany, a victim of sex trafficking.

A Dance for Bethany Lead Actors

Robyn Lively as Abbey. As an actress, Robyn Lively has appeared in 60 motion pictures, made-for-TV movies, and television shows. Her credits include television series like Saving Grace, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, and CSI New York. Film credits include Disney’s Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board, Young Indiana Jones series, and Karate Kid.

Lori Beth Edgeman as Bethany. Edgeman has appeared in 15 television and feature-film projects, including the most recent as the lead in Our Child is Missing with Dean Cain, The Dale Earnhart Story, Warm Spring, Two Weeks with Sally Fields. She also appeared in the Lifetime premier of Army Wives.

William McNamara as James. A veteran actor with more than 60 motion pictures, made-for-TV movies, and television shows to his credit, Billy has appeared as Montgomery Cliff in the Elizabeth Taylor Story, Award winning Doing Time on Maple Drive, Honor Thy Mother. Frequent appearances in TV episodes include NYPD Blue, Law and Order and the Outer Limits.

Ann Mahoney as Sarah. In Ann’s yong 4-year career as an actress she has already appeared in 15 feature-films and made-for-TV movies, including Big Momma’s House Two, Searching for David’s Heart, Scarlett and Frankenstein and Snow Wonder. Ann is one of those versatile actresses who gets in character with her role whether dramatic or comic.

Wil Horneff as Eric. Will started his career wining Best Performance by a youth actor in a TV series for his roll as young Actor Jody Baxter in the Yearling. He has gone on to appear in 16 motion pictures and made-for-TV movies, including the lead in Time Warner’s Born to Be Wild and Steven King’s The Shinning, Law and Order, CSI NY.

Frank Hoyt Taylor as Senator Abbott. Frank has appeared in 51 motion pictures, made-for-TV movies, and television shows. His credits include Academy Award winners such as Walk the Line, Junebug, and Dreamer. Other notable films include Talladega Knights, Dreamer, The Big Fish, Christie, and In The Heat of the Night.

Bruce McKinnon as Josh has appeared in 22 films and television movies, including Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Dukes of Hazard, Christy (the movie), Christy (TV), Army Wives, Thief and Surface, and Walker Texas Ranger.

Karen Ross as Ruby. In Karen’s young five-year career she has already appeared in 23 feature-films and made-for-TV movies. Her credits include Don’t Fade Away, Phoenix Falling, Rough Winds, Beyond Good and Evil, Hoot, Once Upon a Wedding, CSI Miami.

Danny Vinson as Matthew has appeared in 16 feature films and made-for-TV movies. His credits include A Good Baby, Talladega Nights, Leatherheads, and Walk The Line, and Two Soldier

What Inspired this book and movie?

In early 2004 I set out to write my first novel with the vision that there would be many to come; stories that were redemptive in nature and that would inspire my readers. The original working title was, Freedom’s Yoke.

The main character was a 12 -year-old runaway forced into stripping. The girl would be rescued by a reporter who was unsatisfied with the status quo. Of course, there would be a political figure and then a romeo to inspire the girl to want a better life. Walla! I had the theme and outline of my story.

The inspiration came from many years of being burdened with the loss of dignity that accompanies the stripping and prostitution issue that had been steadily growing in America. And, my book was going to solve all their problems, LOL! (Since I am an idealist at heart I like to envision total victory).

Long story short, I felt inspired to write the story as a screenplay first. Then, after nine months of writing, I went to California to sell it with the goal of coming back home and starting on novel #2. That didn’t happen.

When packing to come home after nine days of meetings, I heard reported Michele Gillen of Channel 4 Miami and Terry Coonan, from the human rights department at FSU being interviewed on a major talk show.

They were discussing a very real tragedy in the United States. It’s called human trafficking, the story I just spent nine months writing and nine days trying to sell.

Hence, the movie became a reality when my husband decided to produce it as an indie film and we began our work in the anti-human trafficking movement in America.

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