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And The Angels Danced

And the Angels Danced


And The Angels Danced in Yvonne's Book StoreAs in the lyrics of the finest ballads and spirituals, nothing can lift one to a higher level than poetic verse that comes from the inner life of the writer. Even if you have never been drawn to poetry you owe it to yourself to at least sample this pure spiritual stream of verse. You will actually be able to feel the spirit and receive a lift for your soul.

Yvonne’s poem, The Garden Within was one of the 150 accepted from thousands that were submitted for inclusion into the J, Mark Anthology, and Great Poets of the 21st Century. J. Mark books are referred to worldwide in classrooms as well as academic and public libraries for significant current poetry.


There is a Garden (Changed from “The Garden Within”)
Oh what a lovely place. I enter in and close the door
to all that disturbs the power of its healing virtue.
The firm cool stone that winds its way and forms the path
for my feet to walk beckon me to press forward through the winds of life.

Lilies speak to me and remind me to relax, to chill, to let
life do its work for I am a beautiful creation; I am created like my God.
Ferns tell me to continue to drink in all that life offers me as the
butterflies remind me of the delicate and tender spirit that lies within
the heart of all mankind and I must strive to reach that part of the soul.

Birds sing to me in a melodious harmony that causes all
confusion to cease existing.
Roses force me to attain to the glory that is my heritage and
the authenticity that is my true identity.

After my walk through the garden I sit on the iron lounge lined with
cushions and surrounded by the bird bath and angel statues.
I feel secure in the strength that holds me up yet lets me sink
in total trust of the mass that allows me rest.
In a twinkling of an eye I am awakened to the garden of my soul.


I had been fasting for over a week. The strength I felt during that week carried me above our usual free will state. Everything I did was in confidence, every communication, and every action. It was awesome. Food never entered my mind; I was not hungry in the least. I believe I could have fasted for a month had it been required.

During the praise and worship service the next Sunday, I felt like dancing when one of the praise songs was being played. That was so not like me! Nevertheless, out in the aisle I went. Instantly, my body felt so light, so weightless, so free, I found myself dancing in a state of oblivion, carefree, with a joy I had not experienced in a long, long time, and I knew I was dancing with the Lord of Hosts; I could sense the dancing of angels. A large part of the rest of the congregation began to dance as well (though I was not aware of it at the time) and joy seemed to fill the sanctuary. I don’t even know how long it went on, but oh what a glorious freedom there was.

At that moment the Lord was saying to me: this is how my children should live all the time, regardless of circumstance, regardless of happenstance, regardless of anything. The joy of the Lord indeed is our strength.