And the Angels Danced And the Angels Danced is a Collection of Inspirational Poetry. Just when we think we have it all figured out, along comes a thought that prods us to re-examine the human / spirit relationship. Yvonne’s poetry takes the reader to a secret place—a spiritual tryst into the deep crevices of the soul. Each poem tells a story; each story calls the soul to a higher place; each soul begs the question, just who am I? in the beautiful essence of these stirring poems we may just fall in love all over again!

Getting to Know God Through the Power of Prayer. When we first enter a walk with God it is natural that we don’t know how to pray. Preachers give their best sermons on the subject. Authors write books about their experiences and sell it as the true way to pray. We read the scriptures to see what they have to say about it. But in the end, we come to the place of making prayer a very personal and deliberate journey to our own communion with God, and that can’t be taught by anyone. There is nothing like it, has never been, nor ever will be. Prayer is our own secret and personal place. It is transformational.

Love Is: The Absence of Anything That Divides Us One From Another. Depending on how interactive we are with others, most of us use the word love many times throughout any given day to express our pleasure for things. On a higher note, we use the word love to express how we feel to our spouses, our children, our friends, our extended families—generally those who communicate love to us. That’s easy. But, to love someone in their darkest hour is truly the only time that love is seen. God’s love is indeed unconditional commitment to imperfect people. It produces results and will change a life quicker than any other mode of life altering correction. Take the 30-day love challenge at the end of the book.

My Daily Garden Journal: Cultivating the Garden Within, is a working journal and has been created for the purpose of self-discovery; for the individual who desires that the Christ within help them grow into the authentic image of who he or she was created to be. It is not meant to be an ordinary journal to simply record thought. Each month carries a theme of concentration, then every other day you are challenged to reach inside and search the hidden things of the heart, those things that are only known to you and need not be shared with anyone unless you desire it so.

My Father’s Garden: A Tribute to Step-fathers
. The roles as step-parent and step-child are tough. I have been each. These roles carry a stigma that is not always favorable. Perhaps it’s because we only tend to hear about those relationships that were challenging. Well, mine and my step-fathers’ was too, at first. But as the calendar flipped over from year to year, we grew in our own right and I understood why God answered my prayer as a little girl, “God, I want a Daddy!” This book not only tells our story, it mirrors our relationship with or heavenly father, the greatest daddy of all.

Ruby: Secrets of a Wounded Soul, begins in 1965 as the flamboyant and carefree Candace Renfroe introduces Ruby to life outside their troubled home; week-end outings to the theater, the beach, and expensive shopping trips. Ruby sees that there is a world where life is good and dreams can come true. Unexpectedly, the teenager finds herself alone. Her naiveté, sends her to the streets of NY grasping for purpose to the tragedy of her mother’s death. Thirty years later, secrets surface. Ruby delves relentlessly into the vortex of shattered lives—and then—suddenly, beautifully, wondrously, it discovers hope. In the very darkness of a loathsome and frightening world there glimmers a profound and thorough declaration of individual redemption.

Slaves of a Different Kind: Unshackling Our Soul to Heal America. Somewhere in between all the creeds and dogmas of faith lies a beautiful place of human compassion and the ability to relate to one another on the same level. But, standing in the way of that place lies a sense of entitlement that exists as a cancer upon the collective American soul that divides us from the equality inherent to us as children of God. Coupled with the influences of the authoritarian hierarchy that maintains its power structure by the divide and conquer mentality, the theft of dignity and innocence from millions has been brutally stolen, leaving them unable to recover. If we are able to embrace the damaging issues within ourselves, good will come.

There’s a Flower in the Garbage: Why Suffering Can be a Beautiful Thing. The great teachers of the world all taught unchangeable principles of the earth to help us understand how to navigate this life. There’s a Flower in the Garbage shares aspects of real life lessons I learned while turning a garbage dump into a flower garden. The process of growing a garden from selecting the plot of ground in which to plant the seeds, to working the ground to make it fertile to bring those seeds to life, then enjoying the result—a beautiful flower garden—exemplifies our own lives at various stages. The reader will see how our own deity within constantly reaches towards the deity of God to take us out of the garbage piles of the world and transforms us into flower gardens.