We do not understand the power of forgiveness

Our cultures; the city, state, or country we live in; our levels of educational attainment or lack of it; our success in the workplace or misfortunes in the economic sector; or our artistic advancement; or our age, have no relevance when it comes to experiencing God and all that the Creator has for us. These experiences are the connecting threads that run through humanity and why we are called the human family. These experiences are exactly why we need to understand forgiveness.

While faith is a very personal aspect of our lives, there are some elements that do indeed connect us all to one another. Some aspects are universal and will never change based on religious ideologies or doctrine or even who we believe we pray to. It’s like gravity; a Universal law that cannot change. No matter what we think we know about it or how much we might resist what scientists have discovered, the law of gravity is unchangeable and cannot be disputed and is understood when we experience it. We experience it over and over, day in and day out, from the time we are infants learning to walk. When we fall to the ground, we go boom every time. When we drop something, it will always go splat on the ground unless we are functioning in space and out of the realm of gravitational pull.

Forgiveness is one of those Universal laws that we all need a greater understanding of.

  • What inspired this book?

    Several years ago I was talking with a friend of mine who was having difficulty in a particular area of her life. We talked at length regarding forgiveness and being healed from the past. Her conversation showed me she was not ready to accept the fact that we are to forgive all people for all offenses and that, and only that, can facilitate true healing in our lives. At the end of the near hour of conversation only one thought remained in my mind that evening. Towards the end of the conversation she quietly and tearfully barely uttered the words, I want to, but I don't know how. That plea echoed in my ears as if a small child were caught in a dark cave crying to get out. I heard helplessness and despair sounding through the other voices of pride and fear, and that was enough to cause the overwhelming love of God to send all the angels of heaven to minister to this precious one. Here was a beautiful soul that had been bound for over six generations and she was finally able to utter enough humility to begin to burst through the fear that had her bound. Many people deep in their hearts have the same cry: I want to, but I don't know how.

    Yvonne G. Williams
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    Forgiveness: The Link to Wholeness