Miss Emma From Silverlake

A Delightful Christmas Story

Miss Emma From SilverlakeReed and Alice Kennecott, heirs and managers of the Silverlake Orphanage, struggle to keep the doors open of the 45-year-old home for children.

One wintry night, upon hearing the prayers of Mary Kennecott, co-founder of the New England town of Silverlake and the orphanage, a mysterious little stranger appears on their door steps carrying only a suitcase and a sassy attitude that ultimately turns their lives upside down and backwards.

Little Miss Emma, on assignment from God, struggles to convince Miss Hoopy, overseer of the children, and the one to whom Emma reveals her true purpose and identity, that she can indeed act like a human child as she works to fulfill her assignment to save the orphanage and answer Miss Mary’s prayers.

Lucas and Serinda assist their protégé teaching her how to act like a little orphan girl, ultimately turning unbelief to faith and mending hearts along the way.

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Brief Intro to Miss Emma


Reed placed his hand on the handle of the front door-knob. “Who is it?” the tall lanky man asked before abruptly opening the door, a policy that every member of the orphanage was trained to do. Never open the door without first asking, who is it? Then, if you don’t know the person behind the door, or you think someone else might know the person behind the door, or the person behind the door doesn’t answer, you don’t open it; one of Hoopy’s many unwritten laws.

“Who is it?” Reed asked for the second time peering out a clear spot in the colorful beveled stained glass on the right side of the door. Alice had designed a cheery, more inviting, front entrance when the house had undergone its third expansive remodel a few years back.

A small framed girl with long dark curls and a sweet expression stood like a soldier staring straight at the large oak door. Her deep burgundy hooded coat reminded Reed of Little Red Riding Hood. It covered her to below the knees and the top of the black boots she was wearing. It appeared the child was all alone; not one adult nearby. “Hmmm, that’s strange.” Reed pulled back on the handle, gazed down at the little figure standing in front of him, and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m just a kid needing a home,” the little girl announced. “Who are you?”

“I’m Mister Reed Kennecott and I run this place.”

“That’s nice,” the little girl stated matter of fact and walked right in the front door without being invited in. “Will you get my bag, please?” It’s awfully cold outside, don’t you think so?”

What Inspired This Book?

Inspiration comes from anywhere, anytime. You just have to be open to it. On a visit to see my family in the summer of 2018, my aunt was telling me a story about a little girl that lived next to her many years earlier. The little girl sounded enchanting, whimsical! I instantly had an epiphany about a story where the little girl comes to a town and breaths life back into it. Miss Emma From Silverlake was conceived! The next week I set an outline of paper and went to work.

Yvonne G. Williams, Author Miss Emma from Silverlake

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