My Daily Garden Journal


This 365 day working journal is a great tool for women’s (or men’s) groups to utilize as a joint study. It has been developed for the individual who desires that the Christ within help them grow into the authentic image of who he or she was created to be. It is not meant to be an ordinary journal to simply record thought (although there is ample space for that). Each month carries a theme of concentration, then every other day you are challenged to search the scriptures on the topic at hand to see what truth is revealed. Then reach inside and search the hidden things of the heart, those things that are only known to you and need not be shared with anyone unless you desire it so. There is additional space provided that let’s you record what you have learned and how you feel yourself growing as a result of digging deep in your soul and planting the “truth” seeds that will grow in your heart.

My Daily Garden Journal will work for you if you work it. It’s like cultivating a natural garden: you prepare the soil, plant the seed, then water it in order to make it grow. The same is true for our soul. We are a garden within and it takes a commitment to create a fruitful and fulfilled life. My Daily Garden Journal is a great gift that will keep on giving.

Therapeutic centers and women’s groups that have used My Daily Garden Journal in their programming have discovered that it is a great tool for inner growth.

Your Daily Garden Journal can help you unlock the hidden you that is waiting to break forth into color, fragrance and glory! Enjoy the work, enjoy the journey to new discovery. Be blessed!

Theme for the Month of July
Areas of my life that need to be set free
A very wise and discerning young woman was once asked by her friend, “Why are you so good to me?” She didn’t really give an answer but the wise woman continued being good to her friend. Several months later, after she had betrayed their friendship, the wise woman’s goodness came back to her friend and for the first time she understood real love.

I heard a principle many years ago that altered my perception of change. You don’t take away the hamburger from a dog in order to give it a steak. He will fight you for his hamburger. You simply place the steak in front of him and he will automatically leave the hamburger when he gets a whiff of the steak. We can take the principle of this example and learn from it in regard to human behavior and deliverance. We need not try and change anyone. That is the work of the Spirit. And, since we have now learned to accept ourselves and people as they are in their current state we are all growing because no one is judging and condemning and trying to change anyone. Steak is being presented to those who still insist on hamburger and they are seeing the difference, leaving old ways of death themselves. That is how the Spirit works.

Life is a choice matter. I cannot choose that which I have never seen. If I have grown up in fighting and arguing and have never experienced or seen peace and harmony in relationships, then how can I know to choose peace and harmony? Remember the dog chose to leave the hamburger once he saw and smelled the steak. Anger, resentment, prejudice, etc. are all a part of a culture that is being raised on violence and intolerance of the other man and I perceive that it is largely due to the 1st amendment backlash that is rising up to bite us (but that is another story).

During the month of July, examine what has been placed before you that you want to attain to, but you can’t yet reach for it because something is holding you back. Sniff it out and see if it might be time to let go of the hamburger in order to taste the sweet victory of freedom; freedom that will cause you to soar above life’s circumstances and take you to a place you have not yet seen, but only dreamed of.

  • What inspired this book?

    Several years ago I was talking with a friend of mine who was having difficulty learning to forgive. Towards the end of the conversation she quietly and tearfully barely uttered the words, “I want to but I don’t know how.” That plea echoed in my ears as if a small child were caught in a dark cave crying to get out. I heard helplessness and despair, enough to cause the overwhelming love of God to send all the angels of heaven to minister to this precious one. Here was a beautiful soul that had been bound for over six generations and she was finally able to utter enough humility to begin to burst through the fear that had her bound.

    Yvonne G. Williams
    My Daily Garden Journal

My Daily Garden Journal

Watch this short video about “My Daily Garden Journal: Cultivating the Garden With” to get a glimpse at how the journal works. Oh, and you might want to think about having your ladies group take this on as a joint effort and discuss how “doing the work” is helping you. Remember, there is a theme for every month, so each month will be fun and challenging! Here’s what a young lady from “Bridges of America” told me. “Yvonne, I am so grateful for this journal. It has helped me look inside myself, search God’s truth for the things I’m dealing with, and giving me a new sense of purpose. Thank you!”