My Father’s Garden


There are multitudes of books written on self-image that are not necessarily causing the reader to understand the “God-image” that we were created in. Due to a “Father Image” problem, My Father’s Garden pursuits and uncovers the top layers of falsehood that veil our hearts to the truth in defense of our so great salvation and am passionate about showing people the beauty of who we were created to be in the garden, who we were when we were with God, our real Father, before we came to earth.

As the readers relax to enjoy the stories that surrounded the relationship between the author and her Step-Father, they will see the common thread that binds our Heavenly Father to us as his own children; the intermingling of the scriptures that reveal the spiritual application of those stories; and a sequence of events that tell the good, the bad, the ugly and the great! It is filled with emotion and sharp realty of what the step-father/child relationship goes through and it ends with a purpose, our own relationship with our Creator. The culmination of that relationship forms a oneness that leads us back to the eternal garden. 

Learning to Trust
“When you save $100.00 I will go with you to the bank and co-sign with you to get your first car. During those days, I only made $1.65 per hour so my check was only $66.00 gross each week. Anyway, I set my goal and religiously took $10.00 each week after cashing my check and stored it in the top drawer of my clothes chest.

I was so excited when the tenth week came. I don’t think we even talked about it throughout the duration, so daddy didn’t know if I was saving or not. When I cashed my check that week I took the $100.00 cash to him. The very next day, daddy took me to the bank and told his banker our plan. I remember us sitting down and talking with Jerry McDaniel at the Bank of Upson and listening to daddy as he told how I had saved the money each week. He told Mr. Daniels what my weekly pay was. The banker did some computing on paper to decided what I could afford then gave us a limit to spend. They shook hands and we left.

A few days later when I came home from work, there is was; a 1959 turquoise American Rambler sitting in the driveway. When I first laid eyes on that car I immediately fell in love with it. That was the most beautiful car I had ever seen. It had low mileage since its previous owner was a little elderly lady who had had it since it was brand new and only drove it a few miles each week. It had remained a one-owner car and was in excellent condition. We went right to the bank and signed the papers. The price was $610.00 and my payments were $53.10 for twelve months.

I never had a problem trusting daddy from that day forward. I had a deeper understanding of his character. This lesson drove it home to me. We made an agreement: an “if—then” agreement, a type of covenant. It was like God opening my eyes to one of his truths. No matter what the situation was, if Daddy said he would do something, there was never any doubt he would. His word was good and I could literally take it to the bank. He had the kind of character that didn’t need a written contract. If he spoke it, it would come to pass. And I don’t remember a time when he did not fulfill his word to anyone no matter how small or large the matter. Before, I had learned to trust him by watching him interact with others. This time it was between me and him. It was personal.

  • What inspired this book?

    Not long after my father died in 2001, I remember pondering what his life. Hardly anyone we knew realized that he was our step-father. We had always called him daddy. I was 9-years old when he and momma married, so he really was our daddy.

    Honoring his life in someway was important to me. I had heard so horror stories about step-fathers, so thought people need to know there are good ones out there. And, I had learned so many lessons from him that showed me how a relationship with God could be. I’m glad I wrote the book. If you are a step-father I hope you’ll consider reading it. It may help you understand what a valuable role you play in the lives of the children you are raising. God bless!

    Yvonne G. Williams
    My Father's Garden: A Tribute to Step Fathers