Seeds for the Soul


“Seeds for the Soul”, is a collection of inspirational and thought provoking reflections that stir us to revisit our ideologies; what we have believed, especially in regard to relationships with others. These “seeds” are meant to help us grow spiritually, to encourage us when we are down, to help us overcome areas we may be struggling in. No matter the need, once you discover the life truths in this little book,take a step to search them out for yourself. Jesus asked one of his disciples, Peter, “Who do you say I am?” We are each asked that question, “What do you say about life and faith?”

Whose life were yo meant to heal? (From: Seeds for the Soul)
I love little books—they are like jewels—don’t you? A single verse stays with me much longer than a long sermon—less tends to be more. The proper combination of words can stay with us for a lifetime. That is my hope for Seeds for the Soul; that you experience growth in at least one area of your life due to one of the seeds in this book.

Scientifically, once a seed is planted in fertile ground, it dies before it grows. The sun, rain, and soil nutrients give it life and cause it to grow. So it is with the exhortations you will read in this little book. During some point in your life, when you least expect it, those words will reappear and you may have an “ah ha” moment when you “get it”. That’s how seeds work. It’s a miraculous process!


  • What inspired this book?

    My father was a, organic gardener before organic was cool! I was always fascinated with the principle of planting seeds, and that those tiny little seeds could produce something wonderful. From vegetables to flowers, from shrubs to trees, creation is a magnificent work to behold. The principal of creating life with our words is the same. Seeds for the Soul, was created with the same thought in mind. We can change our lives just by learning some thoughts that begin as seeds. Once they become implanted in our mind they will grow if we nurture them with faith.